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I went to see an employment lawyer in June 2011 named Joe Gilbreath at The Gilbreath Law Firm in San Antonio, TX regarding my retaliation lawsuit. The first 30-minutes of a consultation with him was free.

After that he charges $250/hour. At first he seemed engaged in my case. But as time went on the amount of money that I would have to put down kept increasing because of my job title. He went further to say that I would be expected to have 1000's of dollars in my bank account monthly to keep my case progressing.

He also would do a credit check. He would stop working on my case if I failed to pay at any point. In the end, he couldn't guarantee that I'd win my case against my former employer who wrongfully terminated me due to retaliation. In my personal opinion, Joe Gilbreath tried to keep me in the initial consultation as long as he could just to "jack up" my bill.

Joe is all about the money. In conclusion, do NOT go to The Gilbreath Law Firm. You will be disappointed.

You will waste your consultation money and any future money. Anonymous in San Antonio, TX

Monetary Loss: $175.



Law firms are a business and most lawyers are not that busy and are very greedy, so they take their time on your case to get a bigger bill.


I used him several years ago. I agree with the above.

He had me put 7 thousand dollars up front money and went thru that within 2 weeks.

Then he sent me a bill for 6 thousand plus he said I owed him. I dropped the lawsuit and didn't pay him a dime more.

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